"When I saw the painting,my eyes misted I and felt a lump climb into my throat.Not only did Walt capture the landscape at St. Andrews perfectly, but you can almost feel the wind and hear the sea when you stare at it. I also think his image of me captures all the feelings I have whenever I visit the links land. The beauty of that setting is to me the essence of golf. I think Walt did a wonderful job capturing that beauty and my admiration for it"

From the book Memory's Stories, And Memorabilia

Jack Nicklaus's 18 major championship victories are the gold standard of competitive golf, and now for the first time they are all captured, dramatically and accurately, in one handsome volume. With Jack’s Majors, Walt Spitzmiller has scored 18 triumphs of his own

Editor LINKS Magazine and Former Editor-in-Chief GOLF Magazine

I have always respected Walt’s work and how he interprets a scene and a moment in history. Walt dedicated himself to the challenge of putting to canvas the story of my 18 majors. It took me 25 years to win them, and it took Walt eight years to paint them. I hope he can reflect on his body of work with pride, because he should.

Jack's Majors is a chapter in golf's history elegantly expressed in words and images by one of golf's best artists.

President National Golf Foundation

We are most proud that Walt painted a 5 foot x7 foot commissioned piece for RedStick in 2001. It is the main feature as one enters the members’ area of the clubhouse. Walt captured the spirit of the club beautifully and it is most appreciated by all of our members and guests. I am delighted to say Walt’s latest triumph, Jack’s Majors, is just as awesome.

Co-founder of RedStick Golf Club Vero Beach, Florida