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He's Not Pouting. He Has 55 Stitches in His Mouth after a Rough Ride Where his Chin Hit the Hump on the Bull's Back. Tough Kid. Colorful Painting that Captures the Cowboy Spirit

About Jerry Beagley- Bull Rider: When Jerry Beagley’s rodeo friends nicknamed him “milemarker”, they probably had no idea how fitting it would be for his entire life. He travels to 42 states a year for his company, Jerry Beagley Braiding Company.; and he has enjoyed seeing the different cultures and how people live in the 27 countries he’s visited. Of course, the miles he has traveled during his rodeo career are endless, and he laughs as he remembers hauling to college rodeos in a 1962 station wagon with a mattress in the back and a two-horse trailer. “When we went” we had to wing or we couldn’t go the next weekend. Kids are now driving rigs you can’t afford to drive on what you win at a college rodeo.” Although that is one big difference from what college rodeo was then to what it is now, one thing stays the same: the importance of getting an education. “The biggest thing is that I got an education. I got a degree because of college rodeo.”

A Story from the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association Alumni News

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